This site highlights the works of J. Celan Smith and Seth Grube and the handwritten correspondence they established and have maintained over their years of friendship. Many Arrows is the name of a specific notebook that the two artist-philosophers passed between themselves while living in Asheville, North Carolina. Its content contains musings on poetry, art, philosophy, the environment, technology and society as well as relationships and personal challenges. This site will publish Many Arrows along with the voluminous correspondence between the two while living in separate places. In addition, it features poetry and essays by each artist created throughout the years as well as new works that are constantly emerging.





J. Celan Smith has taught ancient Greek and Religious Studies at Emory University, where he was pursuing a doctorate until leaving the program to immerse himself in a poetic writer’s life. Author of several self-published novels and poetry books, he has worked as a painter for a decade while striving to maintain an authentic, non-academic existence in which to write about nature and contemplate life from an open, creative, spiritual perspective. He has taught English in Indonesia and Spain. He was born in Thailand and raised in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia, absorbing those different cultures which have inspired a lifelong journey of worldwide exploration. With naturalist leanings, he has an abiding love for insects, plants and the environment, hoping his work will raise awareness of their importance and help in the struggle for their preservation. He resides in Portland, Oregon.



J. Celan Smith can be reached at:  jonathancelansmith@gmail.com