Stillicidous (a vocabnecdote)

Stillicidous (adj.): falling in drops

In the night, she stumbled barefoot and half-conscious into the bathroom. She was so out of it from the exhausting trip, she tried to flip the light switch but missed. As she took the five steps in darkness to flop down on the toilet, she felt as though she was squelching through a lamina of fresh glue. Her toes made an unusual sucking sound whenever they pulled away from the floor. The god-awful reek emanating upward ambushed her nose as well. It was obvious that her lousy, drunk-ass husband hadn’t sponged the room the whole time she’d been gone. What annoyed her almost as much was his lack of enthusiasm to see her when she’d dazed through the door just minutes earlier. As she sat there peeing and discontented, she had a sudden urge to lift her foot from the mephitic tile. Her foot barely peeled off, pulling some sticky residue with it. Disgust rolled over her. “Damn it, Jimmy,” she yelled toward the open door a second later, “could you at least clean up after spraying your stillicidous fluids all over the bathroom floor!”

— J. Celan Smith